r o b i n   s o m e s   .   t h o u g h t s   o n   p h o t o g r a p h y

Photography is not an arms race, nor is it an exercise in ostentation.

It is an exercise in expression, in taste, in technique, in understanding form, structure, and the laws of physics, in knowing when to follow the rules, and when to abandon them.

Do whatever you like. But whatever it is, do it with passion.
In general, I don't bother much about what equipment a photographer uses, over and above two questions: Is it reliable? Does it do the job required of it? I care even less about software, with the exception of the same two questions. And I'm bored rigid by most modern photography magazines, which are generally about hyper-saturating colours, and using software to make a (questionably) good photo from a bunch of mediocre ones. I much prefer the use of skill and imagination to take one good photo in the first place.

The trend a few years ago was HDR and tone mapping, which was perhaps my least favourite invention ever, achieving effects previously only available through prolonged use of hallucinogens. Thankfully the current taste has moved on from there, for the most part. At the moment, Milky Way photography is popular - including in my own work from time to time. Who knows where it will go next? As ever, there are the innovators, there are those who build on and adapt the innovators' work, and those who try to copy their work. I know which I prefer.

All in my own opinion, of course - do whatever you like. But whatever it is, do it with passion.